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 Chamber Gallery Rangiora is a dedicated non profit Art space and Chamber Music venue. Established in 1997 by The Waimakariri Community Arts Council;  the gallery hosts vibrant exhibitions and concerts throughout the year for the benefit of the Waimakariri, and wider Waitaha Canterbury communities  



The Chamber Gallery is the only remaining example of Fredrick John Barlow's legacy.

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Rangiora Borough Council

The buiding was constructed on the original site of the first wooden structure .

Learn about Architect Frederick John Barlow

Architect Frederick John Barlow

Barlow was born in Christchurch. After a stint  in  Melbourne andGeelong,  he  returned to established his firm. 1, 2.

The Tonkins building_edited.jpg

Tonks Norton Building 1900

The Tonkins Building on Hereford Street  was at the time considered the most handsome  building in New Zealand. Features of Barlow's architectural style included “elements of classicism handled with restraint and some individuality." 2

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Tepid Baths

Barlow's design for the Tepid Baths was characteristic, especially in his use of brick. He offered a “clearly outlined form punctuated by crisply detailed door and window openings rendered with cement trim." 2

The New Zealand Art Gallery for Christchurch Great Exhibition 1906

Barlow design the Machinery Hall and Art Galleries for the Christchurch Great Exhibition in 1906. 3

Rangiora Borough Council 1906

"The building was almost threatened with demolition, but it was retained by a narrow vote of the Council in favour of incorporating it into the new library building and using the space as an art gallery. The Trevor Inch Memorial Library opened in 1997 and since then the Chamber Gallery has been used as a gallery for art exhibitions and concerts put on by the Waimakariri Community Arts Council." 6

The building was given landmark status in 2014.


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